Orbi and Nighthawk coexist?



dont think my r8000 is enough to cover the whole house so I am planning to get an orbi (plus the satellite). i have 30+ devices and some work with 2.4 and some 5 and i have separate ssid for each band (typical setup). i understand that orbi only supports one ssid for both bands so i am planning to use the 2.4 band ssid in orbi and the 5 band ssid in r8000. the reason i am doing that because it is such a pain to re-configure a number of devices that are corrently set up to use the 5 band ssid. so i am planning connect the orbi and the r8000 to the fios gateway modem. any issue you will see this set up? 


i understand i can set up the 5 band ssid in the orbi guest mode but then i will lose the true guest mode when i need to use it.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Orbi and Nighthawk coexist?

If the 8000 is your base router, then the Orbi will have to be set up in AP mode. Not sure Guest will work on the Orbi in AP mode..

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Re: Orbi and Nighthawk coexist?

Hi I am planning to plug in the Orbi and the nighthawk both into the modem

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