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Orbi and Sky Q

I am having lots of connectivity issues with my Sky Q and sky minis in my house, has anyone got any work arounds or setup tips.  I have no option for fixed cabling and my setup is a Sky router with my orbi router connected into the sky router as an access point.  I have an orbi at each sky box location (the Q and 2 mini's) and have tried connecting via wifi and cabled to the orbi satelite but still seeing network connectivity issues even though the orbis are performing as expected for other non sky devices. 


Im sure this is more Sky mesh issue but at a loss with my minis mostly unuseable, also had a sky engineer round who said he had green lights for everything s not much they can do.


Any help would be greatful.



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Re: Orbi and Sky Q

There have been a number of posts about SkyQ in the past.  (There's a search box in the upper left part of the web page.)  Maybe one of those posts relates to your issue?

I love my Orbi.
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Re: Orbi and Sky Q

Thanks I’ve been through the posts and most say go wired which isn’t an option due to house layout. I have followed some suggestions but not working for me.
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