Orbi and Vypr VPN


Orbi and Vypr VPN

I'm not an experienced router (or VPN) user so bear with me.


I'm looking to replace two (2) Airport Extremes (Base Station + Extender) in a 3-story house (2 main floors with finished attic plus basement). I put Orbi on my short-list along with a couple open-source options from Linksys.


I also recently started using the VPN service Vypr for my home devices which works great. I have the Vypr app installed on my desktop and mobile devices but all things being equal I would much prefer to add that functionality directly to the router. I read that Orbi does offer some VPN support but I'm afraid I don't fully understand how it actually works and more importantly, if the Vypr software can be installed onto the Orbi.


Does anyone have experience using Vypr with Orbi?



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Re: Orbi and Vypr VPN

This is what I am asking Orbi team for.  I believe Orbi only able to act as a VPN Server (so ie, if you at a coffee shop and want to VPN into your own home network to get files and printer, it is great for that).  However if you want to shield yourself from your ISP (thanks congress) then you need a VPN client of which I do not believe orbi have.  I am asking for this feature and you should too, as this router seems very high end. 

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Re: Orbi and Vypr VPN

Netgear has a dedicated community forum called Idea Exchange where you can submit ideas or features you want to see, Netgear Engineering looks at it an more thumbs up and people advocate and state their use case more likely it may make it to some future firmware release at some point. example below is link for The Ethernet Backhaul Request:

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