Orbi disconnecting continously


Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

Thanks, but I'm aware of how to enable these features, I was merely commenting on the fact the device after initial setup had mu mimo disabled by default, a feature I was looking forward to.
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Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

It's also the fastest I've ever said "Nope nope nope" and returned a technology product. 

Why? The fundamnetal feature is broken: having a stable connection. Without that, the range means nothing; the satellites are useless; the speeds are fake promises.


It'd be like a car that lost power every few minutes. Nobody would dare stick that one out. A broken radio, sure. A dent on a bumper, it happens. But--at some point--you spend more time fixing the car (which should work as a seamless service) than actually driving it.

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Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

I feel your pain. I just got a new Orbi router after RMA my old one. So far I have only disconnected once. I am going to see if I have the same problem I had with my previous Orbi router. I will give an update later. My first Orbi would have good days and terrible days. So I need more time to really evaluate this replacement.

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Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

I have been on the beta FWs the last 4 weeks and the Orbi has been rock solid. I hope they continue to improve and put these updates into the main production FW

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Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

@tnadkarniV1.12.0.16 has been rock solid for you?

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Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

it would be good to understand where we stand with the beta FW..... is it finally solving the connectivity issues and when(if?) will this be production released?


We are constantly seeing drops from our iOS devices making it virtually impossible to stream video for more than 30mins at a time. 


Orbi has been turned off for now and we've reverted to our old router. At least we know that wifi works consistently outside of the dead-spots.


I have requested the beta FW but not yet had anything back from support. I would like to at least try that before returning the Orbi and trying something else.

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Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

hah - just released which is supposed to address this.


Hopefully, this will stave-off the open rebellion in my household and allow us to get the Orbi back on-line.

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Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

Hmmmm I have not seen yet, I'm on and it's not resolved
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Re: Orbi disconnecting continously

Hello Everyone


We have release firmware version this firmware has fixes for disconnects and many more I posted the release notes below.


If you are still having issues after updating your Orbi unit you may want to factory reset the Orbi and test again. If you are still having disconnect issues or other issues with this firmware please create a new thread or contact our support team.




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