Orbi for Business use


Orbi for Business use

New here to the forums with a question,


I am looking to increase wireless for a 2 story brick building.  The first floor is 2500 sq ft and the second floor is 2000 sq ft plus an additional 4 rooms 15 ft through brick walls on the left side of the building.  All of the 12 rooms are brick and as of now the signal from the wireless extenders that have been bought are horrible.I have never used a home mesh system before but have been saving up for one :).  I am looking for any suggestions and options.  I have been looking at getting these Orbi products from Amazon.    x1 unit                                                     x3 units or x2 units

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Re: Orbi for Business use

I would recommend the RBK50 for the size of the property.  or potentially the RBK53 (available exclusively at Costco).  


The 4x4 backhaul on this would help cut through the brick walls better than the 2x2 on the RBK30 which you saw. 


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