Orbi for outdoor use


Orbi for outdoor use


We are looking in to the orbi mesh system with the outdoor expansion pack. We have a comcast fiber connection which we would like to keep as is, but are hoping to use the orbi system to get our wifi out on to our decks. The walls of our building are very thick brick and have a copper siding, which currently prohibits our wifi from reaching out there.


Is it possible to connect the orbi satellite to our comcast modem via ethernet without affecting the current service? We would use it in AP mode I believe (based on what else I've read). 


Also, how have people's experiences been with the outdoor expansion?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: Orbi for outdoor use

Can use the Orbi in AP mode if your have a main host router already.

The Orbi RBK40 and 50 series are indoor units. The RBS50Y is out door which you can use out side to get wireless from the main orbi to out side if you so desire...I haven't tried the RBY unit...

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