Orbi outdoor RBS50Y leaks..ruined by water


Re: Orbi outdoor RBS50Y leaks..ruined by water

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Just found out why my barn cameras were not working.  My outdoor Orbi satellite had water in it.  I spent about $350 for the unit and it was advertised as wheaher proof.  Not the case.  

over a year old? Some users have been able to dry it out.

I love my Orbi.
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Re: Orbi outdoor RBS50Y leaks..ruined by water

And put it in a weather-proof enclosure after drying and testing it?

If you use it as-it, it will get flooded again.


Less than a year old? Return it under warranty.

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Love my Orbi (with this firmware version).
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Re: Orbi outdoor RBS50Y leaks..ruined by water

I can apprehend now not having a UPS with so little use. But it does make a energy slump #1 on my list of suspects. If there may be a nearby UPS, you may need to plug it in there, even if the NAS is not set up to display it. If the trouble is going away, you've got determined the culpret.

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Re: Orbi outdoor RBS50Y leaks..ruined by water

Some credit cards offer an extended warranty to purchases paid for with that card. I know at least some American Express cards offer this, and have taken advantage of the program and been reimbursed by the card issuer for a phone that died out-of-warranty.


If it has a one-year warranty, and died out-of-warranty, there's probably not much you can do, unfortunately. It lasted as long as they said it would last.

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