Re: Orbi real-world speed expectations


Orbi real-world speed expectations

Hey everyone,


Starting this thread to explore what my real-world speed expectations should be for 5G connections on Orbi.  I've seen other speed related threads, but am wondering what everyone else is seeing.


I have the RBK50.  Main router on 1st floor and satellite on second floor in my office (not that large a distance, but old house (1938). 

Router and Satellite are on v2.1.1.16 and connected wirelessly via 5G backhaul.


I have Gb ethernet and the max wireless speed I've been able to get ranges from 430-480Mbps both upload and download.

Is this about the expected max "real-world" expectation?

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Orbi real-world speed expectations


Yes, your speed tests are maximum real-world expectations, and are excellent.


Orbi operates at a maximum link rate of 867 Mbps. WiFi has significant overhead (which is not present on wired Ethernet) and this overhead consumes the bandwith and limits the maximum data throughput to 50%-60% of the link speed.


If you need faster, you would need to use a wire or buy another WiFi router that has a faster link rate.  Some routers have link rates at 1300 Mbps or higher, but these rates are not achievable very far from the router, or though walls.



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