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Re: Orbi satellite and genie app

Brilliant. How did you know about this environment variable or debug flag?


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Re: Orbi satellite and genie app

I'm an ex-OpenWRT developer, which is what Orbi's solution is based on.  I did a bit of reverse engineering of their setup shortly after launch to see what makes it tick and that's one of the things I found.  There's a very early fragmented write-up I did in a post here a while back - my later notes are much more complete (and concern themselves with things like enabling full USB functionality, temporal NAS setup that won't survive a reboot, and other fun things) but I elected not to post them so as not to ruffle any feathers at Netgear (a bit of it contains some 'secret sauce', as it were, and a considerable amount of it relates to security).


Hopefully Netgear will continue to listen to their customers and respond to their desires for certain features, particularly those that are common to all modern devices of this type.



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