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Orbi signal range

OK I have this odd issue. I thought it was just my orbi malfunctioning for some reason. It has come to my attention that there is another Orbi around my area, but the thing it would have to be within our property as it is about 350ft away from my house. Thing about this orbi it seems that it is unsetup as it still has it's factory ssid: orbi35. I know this is not mine as mine came with the ssid of orbi27. This other orbi is causing my satelite to crash causing my system to die. I could really use some help.

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Re: Orbi signal range


The other Orbi would not need to be on your property and it could be setup.  I can connect to my Orbi 500 feet away from my house. I never changed my factory SSID either.


I would think another Orbi that far away shouldn't significantly impact yours. What are you seeing that indicates that's the issue?

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Re: Orbi signal range

Well I figured it's my satellite because when it's not connected my system doesn't crash every five minutes. The satellite is in the part of the house where the other ssid can be reached. Also the other orbi system seems to be kinda phantom like, for a lack of a better word, as one second it's in my range and the next it's gone.
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Re: Orbi signal range

Any chance you could use a mobile device or laptop and find the location of this orbi thats not set up and maybe talk to the owner about it?


I would find out what channels this orbi is using then manually change your to farthest channels from this one orbi thats it's using...


You can lower the power output of your orbi from 100% to 75% and see. You'll have to move satellites a bit closer possible to make up for the reduction in signal.


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