Orbi with fios


Orbi with fios

I currently have the r7000 setup in Access point mode. I have Verizon fios and am using the provided fios quantum router. I have another router (setup as an access point) upstairs that is connected via a power line adapter kit. Both access points have the same name and security key.

We live in a 4 floor town house. We get coverage throughout the house but my devices do not automatically switch to the best /strongest router with the best connection.

From my readings it seems as orbi has the seamless handoff feature that I am looking for and can be placed in ap mode.

My thoughts is that the router would be setup in a mode and the orbi client would extend th offer to range upstairs and provide that handoff feature that I have am looking for.

Any thoughts as to whether or not this would work accordingly?
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Re: Orbi with fios

Hello Roberob 


That is correct the Orbi will create 1 ssid that will hand off to the best signal when moving around.



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Re: Orbi with fios

I'm using Orbi with Fios and have had no issues. You will need to turn off wireless on the quantum router and have the Orbi in AP mode. You should be all good after that. Check out my review of the Orbi if you want ..

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