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Oribi in house and shop?

I am considering an Orbi system to replace my current LAN setup. One concern though.


I have my ISP enter my house in a dedicated point of demark in the basement. That is where the existing "Host" router is now. I assume that I would place the Orbi in the same location. That causes poor WiFi in the upper floors, so currently I have a "Client" router that acts as an access point for the rest of the house on the main floor. I also have several items connected to the routers by Ethernet and switches.


I assume that the "Main" Orbi will accept my Ethernet from my switches, so I can configure all of the ethernet connected devices to go back to the demark and connect there. True?


Now the tricky one. I also have a router in my detached shop that is part of the same LAN and also uses the same internet connection. It is also configured as an access point, and connected by ethernet. Too far away and the building is steel, will not allow WiFi to pass through the walls, works fine inside the shop though.


So what would I need to make Orbi work in the same way as my current setup? My concern is that the "Satellite" Orbi AP's seem to be WiFi connection and I need an ethernet connection in the shop.

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Re: Oribi in house and shop?

Yes, you can configure Orbi for Access Point mode then wire the main Orbi to your router, anywhere in your house, using the existing wiring. Placement is critical for good coverage.


For the shop, you can just leave your existing AP there and use it as you do now. The metal walls will prevent interference with Orbi in the house.


Or, if you have wiring already in place, you could use a set of managed wireless access points instead of Orbi. That's what I would do in that scenario.

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