Parent control performing minimal filtering while set to high


Parent control performing minimal filtering while set to high

In "Live Parental Controls" I logged in with my pre-existing OpenDNS account, and I set filtering level to High as a test and set it for 'all times' (the default).  However, only minimal filtering is occuring - not high.


I confirmed I see OpenDNS DNS servers in the router config page.  Additionally, I confirmed my devices are set to use as DNS server.  I followed these steps to confirm OpenDNS resolvers are being used by my devices:


If I go to it says I am using OpenDNS.  Additionally, if I go to (their phish filtering test site) I see it blocked.  However, if I go to - OpenDNS test adult website, it is NOT filtered.  Why is this?  It seems I have OpenDNS configured properly, but I am only getting "Minimal" filtering (phish only) instead of "High" filtering. 

My Orbi router + 2 satellites are running V2.0.0.74 - I already tried power cycling router, twice.


Whats weird is, the adult site IS blocked for a couple seconds after router is restarted, but then it only performs minimal filtering (despite config still showing 'high').  I tried switching to moderate and back to high, didn't change anything.



Model: RBK53| Orbi Router + 2 Satellites Orbi WiFi System
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Re: Parent control performing minimal filtering while set to high

Curiously, if I force a client to perform a DHCP release/renewal, THEN the moderate filtering takes place only on that device.  However, the DNS server is (the router) prior to DHCP release/renewal, and it remains - so I don't know how this helps.  Many of my devices are still only doing minimal filtering.. hoping as they do a DHCP lease renewal on their own the parent filtering will start to work!

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