Please allow users to disable auto update


Please allow users to disable auto update

Router hardware version: RBR50


Router Firmware Version


It is becoming routine for the updates Netgear releases to break the reliability of my Orbi network. When my network is working as I want it to I don't want your updates. Instead, though, I get updates whether I want them or not and am treated to random dropping of my connection to where I have to reboot the router to re-enable my internet connection. It can work great for months then you decide to send one of your piece of garbage updates, that I don't want, and boom - there goes reliability.

I live with and care for my Father who is somewhat disabled and can not get to the part of the house where the router is located (out of necessity). I am sometimes out of town for work. He depends on our internet connection for various things including the TV. If I'm out of town and the router decides to take a dump, as it has been doing frequently lately, he's screwed. If I had been able to stick with the stable performance of the last firmware revision this wouldn't happen.


I've been using the Orbi system since the late part of last year. This is the second firmware revision that has caused these problems. Do you even test your firmware updates or just send them out willy nilly? Based on what I'm seeing it's the latter.

So for the love of all things good, add a switch somewhere so we can stop getting your crappy updates that break my network. I don't need 'em and I don't want 'em!

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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