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RBK40 switching to wired backhaul

I have an RBK40 (RBR40 with 1 RBS40 sat) set up with standard wireless backhaul. I want to connect via wired backhaul for better performance on the satellite. I have 2 questions:

  1. Do I need to reconfigure anything on either the base or satellite? or will the satellite detect the wired connection and use that automatically instead of the wireless backhaul?
  2. Is there any issue using a powerline ethernet adapter? I just picked up a TP-Link AV1000 Gigabit powerline kit.

I am using the most current firmware on both base and sat. 

Model: RBS40|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Add-on Satellite
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Re: RBK40 switching to wired backhaul

There is nothing to configure. Once the router and satellite observe an ethernet link between them, the switchover will be automatic. You can verify this by placing them in the same room, connected with an ordinary ethernet patch cable.  It may take several seconds.


PowerLine is a useful substitute for ethernet cable, but there are limitations:

  • PowerLine is really sensitive to electrical noise and interference.  I have three PowerLine units working just fine.  I finally removed a 4th unit because it would randomly "just die" (red light) and it was tedious to get the network up again.  Might work for a month, or for a day.
  • PowerLine does not have nearly the capacity of real ethernet.  There is huge overhead (like with WiFi) and the total throughput can be much less than etherent.
  • Powerline (like WiFi) is inherently "half duplex", i.e. when one unit is broadcasting a signal on the electrical wiring, the other units must wait their turn. Ethernet cable is "full duplex" with traffic flowing at full speed constantly in both directions.

By all means, give it a try.  It might work!

I love my Orbi.
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