RBK50 Disconnects

OK. I'm giving up. My orbi router and two satellites are being repurposed to $450 paperweights. 


I've tried every recommendation for fixing based on all the different disconnecting threads in this forum and the web...and then some. There is something fundamentally wrong with this product that causes the router to disconnect. I believe it worked until June of this year and have patiently troubleshot and tried different firmware updates hoping it would be fixed. Based on the number of threads on disconnects I believe Netgear is unable to solve the bug(s) they have introduced.


I've spent hours troubleshooting. No more. So I'm spending the last few minutes on this terrible product to warn others to stay away. If it works for you... then all the best to you. But I cannot in good conscious recommend the Orbi system to anyone. I wouldn't even sell it to someone... I'm not that cruel. I'm headed out to the store to replace it with a WiFi system that will no longer disconnect.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: RBK50 Disconnects

I just came to the forum looking for help for a similar issue-- can you let me know if we are experiencing the same thing?


This is a brand new system. Just replaced a OnHub + 3x Google Wifi setup. Got the RBK50 (Router and 1 satellite).


About once or twice a day, the internet completely goes out. Both LAN and wireless. During this time, the router is pulsing white and the satellite is solid pink. It lasts about 3-5 minutes and there's no mention of any errors or anything in the logs.


This is completely unacceptable for me as I work from home and I'm in meetings pretty much constantly.


Is this what you are experiencing?

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Re: RBK50 Disconnects

You betcha! This is the same thing... I got disconnects down to 10-20 seconds... but I was at minutes originally.

My recommendation is to not waste your precious time debugging. Netgear is unable to help.

Return it and buy something else. I'm on my way to Best Buy ... my new WiFi system is ready (I went to 2 Apple Airports since we're an Apple house).

Best of luck to you.
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Re: RBK50 Disconnects

Thanks for the reply... that's sad to hear. These things weren't cheap.


And I spoke too soon. Mine have disconnected THREE TIMES in the last THIRTY MINUTES.


That is unbelievable.

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