Re: RBK50V backhaul dropping every few minutes


RBK50V backhaul dropping every few minutes

I just picked the RBK50V up yesterday and everything seems to work great except the wireless backhaul.  I have one PC hooked to the satellite by Ethernet.  I can see the PC showing the Ethernet connection dropping every couple minutes or so.  When it doesn’t drop I can get up to 500 Mbps. It's as if the dropouts are on a timer.


Unhooking the Ethernet and using WiFi on the PC I will maintain the connection but it will either be a solid 300 Mbps using the 802.11 AC dongle or an erratic connection ranging from 30 Mbps to 170 Mbps.  Also, our smartphones seem to get better performance than the PC when connected to the satellite.


For the most part I’m getting much better WiFi speeds in the house overall except to this one PC. 


I have WiFi Analizer and that show good SNR and not much interfearance 


I'll try cutting the power as I've seen mentioned in other posts.  Anything else to try or should I just return this kit.  For $400 my expectations for this product were high. 


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Re: RBK50V backhaul dropping every few minutes

I've reset the Orbi to AP only mode and have dropped the 5G power to 75% and 2.4G to 50% given some recommendations but the issue seems to continue.

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Re: RBK50V backhaul dropping every few minutes

The following is my analysis on your observations:

- I think that the current Orbi FW ( has issues with some wired devices that not only affect the wired device but also the performance of the Orbi system. I hope this will get fixed soon in comming releases. Do you have other wired devices connected currently to Orbi?

- The fact that you're getting 300 Mbps with AC dongle can be a limitation on the dongle if you're expecting higher speeds. That is proven by that other devices are providing better speeds. Please check the throughput of the dongle.

- The following settings can improve your expereince: WMM (for multimedia like voice and video), Implicit BF, MU-MIMO and Fast Roaming for mobile devices. Please see below how I have my configuration and with very good performance:


My Setup Internet Fiber ONT 250↓/250↑ISP Telenor | Wifi Router Orbi RBR850 + RBS850 + 2x RBS750 + 3xRBS350, Wired/Wireless BH / Orbi RBR50 + 6x RBS50 + RBS40V + RBS50Y, Wired/Wireless BH | Switches NG GS208Time Zone CET (Sweden)

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Re: RBK50V backhaul dropping every few minutes

I think I've narrowed it down to a combination of the wifi dongle and the ethernet port on that computer.  I think coincidentally they are both bad.  He told me other things not related to the internet were also crashing on the computer with the ethernet plugged in. 


I put my Surface with docking station on the ethernet  to the satellite and didn't have any problems.  The backhaul bandwidth was a solid 500 Mbps on the speedtests.  


I'm going to get a NIC for his PC and see how that does. 

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