RBR40 Can't upload Etc.


RBR40 Can't upload Etc.

First, it acts like this is an invalid model#.  Which I got from the registration e-mail.  Not confidence inspiring.  2nd, I can not connect to tech support (probably pretty busy).


Just installed this Orbi Router.  Worked great when we first hooked it up.  Has one satellite unit.  Was streaming on a Vizo TV I-phones, Android, I-mac. etc. all working fine.


Now, I only get 1 bar instead of 5 on the TV, and I can not send anything out larger than a text file either on hardwired or wi-fi.  Photos etc. will not go.  


Tried all the ususal synch and reboot.  Is this more problems with the firmware update?  If so, what version should I attempt to install?  Or, should I just box this back up and return it to Best Buy.  After reading all the problems in other threads, I am thinking I might just want to bail and not waste time.  Too bad 'cause the coverage is nice.

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Re: RBR40 Can't upload Etc.

What version of firmware are you on?



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