Re: RBR40 will not communicate to modem.


RBR40 will not communicate to modem.

My router will not communicate with my modem from spectrum,  I have internet at the modem but my router will not connect, it shows offline. I called spectrum and they say its not on thier end, its on the router.  I called netgear tech supprt and since my warrenty expired 3 days before the lost connection they could not help.  i need to pay for tech support.  any help will be greatly apprictiated. 

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Re: RBR40 will not communicate to modem.

It is amazing how devices seem to know when the support period has run out.


Is it correct to assume that the Orbi has been working correctly and "just quit"?

Of course you have checked the electrical power and the power LED on the back is Green?

When the Orbi is powered off and back on, the light at the to follows the expected sequence? 

The ethernet cable is fully seated on both ends?  (My cat decided the ethernet cable was something to pull on.)


I love my Orbi.
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Re: RBR40 will not communicate to modem.

I install many Orbi and other systems on Spectrum IPS. Where I'm at, with all the storms, I've had a few systems do the same thing and had to either reboot the Orbi system or factory reset it.

First plug directly into the Spectrum router to make sure you are getting Internet from the router, despite what Spectrum told you. 

If so, unplug the Orbi router from the Spectrum router. Reboot the Spectrum router. Then reset your Orbi router, plug it into a LAN port on the Spectrum router and run the App setup and follow the instructions. One the Orbi router is functioning correctly, reset any satellites you have, and one by one, use the app and reconnect the satellites to the Orbi router. 

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