RBR50 Traffic Meter using GMT time


RBR50 Traffic Meter using GMT time

I have an Orbi RBR50 router and two satellites, all running the latest V2.7.2.104 firmware.  

I regularly use the Traffic Meter in the iOS Orbi app as my ISP Cox has a 1.28TB monthly data cap.  Cox does have an online data meter, but it only shows my usage stats through the previous day, not the current day's usage stats.  So I've been using the Orbi app to check my usage for the current day.  The daily/monthly usage stats from Cox's data meter compared to Orbi's traffic meter have been pretty close the past few months I've had Orbi's traffic meter enabled.  Until this month.  Cox's data meter resets on the 26th of every month at midnight.  I have Orbi's Traffic Meter also set to restart on the 26th at midnight so it's in sync with Cox.  On the evening of the 25th, I downloaded a few PS5 videogames as I knew I had enough remaining bandwidth in the current data cycle to download them without going over the 1.28TB data cap.  When I checked Orbi's Traffic Meter the following day, I noticed that the previous night's game downloads were included in the new month traffic meter stats.  So my Orbi and Cox usage stats for the current month are already out of sync by more than 100GB.  Yesterday I also noticed the daily usage stats for the new cycle in the Orbi app Traffic Meter were also off compared to Cox's daily stats.  I logged into this morning and went to the web version of the Traffic Meter under Advanced Setup.   It was then I noticed the current date/time shown under Internet Traffic Statistics was GMT time, seven hours ahead of my time zone.  I'm in Phoenix, Arizona.  So the Orbi Traffic Meter has been starting current day stats at 5pm local time instead of midnight.  That would also explain why the game downloads on the night of the 25th were included in the new Traffic Meter cycle.  Orbi's traffic meter had already started the new month cycle at 5pm that night as it was on GMT time.  Is this a new bug with the latest firmware?  I do have my RBR50 set to the correct Arizona time zone with DST turned off.  Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings time.  Is there a way to fix this so Orbi's Traffic Meter uses the local time zone, not GMT, when starting new day stats?  Thanks!

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBR50 Traffic Meter using GMT time


Seems to be a problem with TM. NG is aware of it. I recommend disabling it until next FW update. Ask NG if you can be given any betas that maybe available to help test it out if you want to. 

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Re: RBR50 Traffic Meter using GMT time

@FURRYe38 wrote:

Ask NG if you can be given any betas that maybe available to help test it out if you want to. 



...and ask how much they pay


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