RBS40V Orbi Voice - Can't change wake word


RBS40V Orbi Voice - Can't change wake word

I've searched and can't find this answer -- apologies if it is a repost.


Is there a way to change the wake word on the Orbi Voice?  I don't see it in the normal place in the Alexa app, and I can't find it on the Orbi app either.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  My daughter's name is Alessa, and we have changed all our other Echo devices to avoid confusion.



Model: RBS40V|Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker
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Re: RBS40V Orbi Voice - Can't change wake word

Something to post in the Orbi with Voice forum:


Good Luck. 

My Setup ISP SparkLight | Internet Cable 1000↓/50↑ CBR750 Modem | Wifi Router CBR750(v.7) | Switches NG GS105/8 and XS505M | 

Additional NG HW: C7800/CAX80/CM1100/CM1200/CM2000, Orbi: CBK40, CBK752, RBK50, RBK853, RBK752, RBK953, SXK30 | NightHawk: R7000, R7800, R7960P, R8000, R8500, RAXE500, RAX50, XR450, EX7500/EX7700, GS308v3

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Re: RBS40V Orbi Voice - Can't change wake word

This fact makes this entire piece of hardware WORTHLESS. I use my Alexa devices to announce all the time. Every time I am within hearing distance of my Orbi, it speaks up to say “announce isn’t supported in this device”

So... thought I would change the wake-word so it wouldn’t get confused with my other alexas... nope. What a PITA.
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