RBS50 issue with backhaul status & config sync


RBS50 issue with backhaul status & config sync

Hi all

I have in the past successfully converted a RBK50 into a RBS50

The last time I did but, in the backhaul status I got the "config sync" message

The converted RBS however works fine. 

It gets its own IP number and the satellite shows as connected in the dashboard connecting through a PC but it won't show up in the Firmware Update page and I can't access it.

On the Orbi app it won't show at all, ie: you get one Router and 0 satellites.

The converted RBS50 has the latest firmware installed but I wonder if this might be corrupted and would like to install the firmware manually but cannot find a way to access the satellite.

Any suggestions please?

Thanks in advance

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Re: RBS50 issue with backhaul status & config sync

An update.

Things have somewhat improved. The RBS50 (ex-RBR50) is now connected to the Router with a 5G connection and devices like phones and laptops can connect to it and work fine but the backhaul  status still reads "Config Sync"

The satellite is present in the Attached Devices with its own IP address but if I go to Update Firmware it's not there and the FW can't be updated either online or manually.

I read somewhere that under Advanced Setup > Wireless Settings > Backhaul Password, the Cofig Sync issue can be fixed by by generating a new password but it didn't work for me

Can anyone suggest a way to connect to the satellite so that I could try to reinstall the FW?

If I use Putty in telnet it let me just access the Router 


Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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