Recommended settings for Orbi RBR50 + satellite and Arris BGW210-700


Recommended settings for Orbi RBR50 + satellite and Arris BGW210-700

Hi there,


I've been looking online and reading as many discussions available to see what the best settings are to get the fastest internet speeds but I am not getting any improvements and any help/knowledge is greatly appreciated. I will detail what I've done below:


We recently moved into a new place and got AT&T fiber which came with the Arris BGW210-700 gateway/modem. In addition, we got one Orbi router (RBR50) + a satellite. I've connected an ethernet to both the Arris and the Orbi to check the speeds and getting 600+ download and around 900 upload but when I am connected to Wifi, I am only getting around 400 download and 300 upload. The home has large open areas, not many walls, and a small upstairs area.


First, in the Arris settings, the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz wifi were both turned off and under Home Network > Subnets & DHCP, I set the Device IPv4 Address as and the DHCPv4 Start Address as The DHCP lease is set to 1 day. Then in, Firewall > IP Passthrough, Allocation mode was set to passthrough, Passthrough mode was set to DHCPS-fixed, and the Orbi router was selected as the passthrough fixed MAC address. The DHCP passthrough lease was set to 10 minutes.


Now I will go through the Orbi settings:

  • Internet Setup
    • Internet IP Address
      • Internet IP Address - Get Dynamically from ISP
    • DNS Address
      • Get Automatically from ISP
    • Router MAC Address
      • Use Default Address
  • Wireless Setup
    • 2.4GHz channel: 11
    • 5GHz channel: 48
  • WAN Setup
    • Only Disable IGMP Proxying is checked and selected to Auto
    • MTU Size (in bytes) - 1500
  • LAN Setup
    • Use Router as DHCP server is checked
  • Advanced setup Wireless settings
    • 2.4GHz
      • Enable SSID Broadcast - checked
      • Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence - unchecked
      • Enable WMM settings - checked
      • Transmit power control - 50%
    • 5GHz
      • Enable SSID Broadcast - checked
      • Enable WMM settings - checked
    • Enable Daisy-Chain Topology - unchecked
    • Enable Implicit BEAMFORMING, MUMIMO, and Fast Roaming - all checked.

I have some questions as well, in the orbilogin screen, advanced tab, there is the Router Information box and the Internet Port box. For the Internet Port box, what should the IP address be? Should it be the IP Passthrough address I am seeing in the Arris Home Network status page? The connection is DHCP and the DNS is the Additionally, in the Router Information box, should the IP Address be Orbi's own default?


I am so lost in what I have done, any guidance would be immensly appreciated. Am I on the right track to be getting the best results? Should I try and use the Arris as the router and use Orbi in AP mode? I feel as though the changing of the Arris subnet/DHCP IP addresses may have messed things up but I am unsure. Would it be beneficial to reset everything to the factory default and start over? Thank you for your time!

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Recommended settings for Orbi RBR50 + satellite and Arris BGW210-700

If your Arris is set as a router, you may want to turn off all the router, WIFI, DHCP features. Reboot the Arris, plug in the Orbi to the Arris and run a setup, configuring the Orbi as a router. Under Basic, Internet, Internet IP address, check Get Dynamically from ISP, and Domain Name Server (DNS) Address, check Get Automatically from ISP.

If you don't want to mess with the Arris, set the Orbi to AP, Access Point mode. 

Under advance, Advanced Setup, Wireless Settings, check Enable WMM, Implicit Beam Forming and MU-MIMO, set your power to 100%.

If other WIFI systems are detected, try a different WIFI channel, to see if you get better performance. 

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