Router end of Orbi Flashes Magenta Periodically

I just got AT&T Fiber (used to be Gigapower) installed and while everything appears to be working fine I've noticed that my router Orbi changes to magenta every now and then.  It usually only lasts a second or two and then it goes away.  Internet access is never lost.  I looked in the logs and couldn't find anything.  I did not notice this happening prior to getting AT&T Fiber installed so I'm wondering if it's maybe something with that service.


Any ideas?

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Router end of Orbi Flashes Magenta Periodically

sounds like the sat is losing connection to the router perhaps due to interference of some kind , see if you can equate it so somethink when the microwave is used or the cordless phone rings etc

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Re: Router end of Orbi Flashes Magenta Periodically

Thanks for the reply and I apologize for the late response but I think I found my issue.  I have several Roku devices in the house and they all have the Direct Wifi remotes.  Well, Roku has made the HORRIFIC decision to use the same channel that your router is using for their Direct Wifi thereby drowning out the signal - in particular if it's close to the router or close to other devices trying to use the router.


I've since gone through the house and replaced all these remotes with standard Roku remotes (or a Harmony remote) and disabled the Direct Wifi connection. 


Since doing that the issue has not resurfaced.


It blows my mind that Roku would do this.  If you change the channel on your router the Roku will follow.  The only way to disable this is to not use on of their Direct Wifi remotes.  Garbage.

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