Router throughput - low performance under AP mode


Router throughput - low performance under AP mode

I have RBK40 and RBK50 Mesh router, both has WAN-to-LAN low performance problem under AP mode.


For special and external services, I use x68 OpenWRT as my main router and it is with a embedded NAS system. In the meantime, I set RBK50 as AP mode,

1) RBR50's wan port connect my main router's lan port

2) my desktop connect RBR50's lan port.

As time goes on, I found that When data transfer between my desktop and NAS, connect speed never exceed 70MB/s, but when unplug cable from RBR‘s wan port and plug in RBR's lan port, speed back to normal (about 110MB/s), so I google it, it seems a common problem in Netgear product, link below is the throughtput test (WAN to LAN, LAN to LAN):


I perform throughput test in my network, RBK50 and RBK40 do show the same problem. Both FIRMWARE has been updated to the newest version-V2.5.2.4


I don't want to add any other equipments to get a normal network experience, I already pay the money. PLEASE comfirm the issue and FIXS it in your Orbi products as soon as possible.

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router, RBS40|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Add-on Satellite
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Re: Router throughput - low performance under AP mode

Orbi is well capable of seeing 900Mpbs on the wire:


My Setup (Cable 1Gbps/50Mbps)>CM1200 v2.02.03(LAG Disabled)>RBK50 v2.7.2.104(WW)/RBK853 AP Mode v3.2.18.1
Additional NG HW: C7800/CM1100/CAX80/CM2000, Orbi CBK40, R7800, R7960P, EX7500/EX7700, XR450 and WNHDE111
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