Satellite RBS50Y compatibility with BT router


Satellite RBS50Y compatibility with BT router

I am looking for a wifi device to be able to have wifi reaching an outdoor office about 35 metres away.  I've found the RBS50Y satellite made by NetGear which looks good for this.
Will it work if receiving its wi-fi input from a BT router (i.e. not from an Orbi router)?  And what set up will I need to do to it if it does work with my BT router? 
There is a V2 version.  I understand the V1 version is the one to buy?
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Model: RBS50Y|High Performance AC3000 Outdoor WiFi Mesh Extender and Add-on Satellite
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Re: Satellite RBS50Y compatibility with BT router

Yes, it is possible to operate the Orbi RBS50Y as a simple extender to virtually any WiFi -> How do I set up my Orbi Outdoor Satellite in Extender Mode? 


The set-up process is also covered by the Orbi Outdoor Universal Satellite Model RBS50Y Quick Start Guide on Setup the Satellite in Exetnder Mode vs. the Setup the Satellite in Orbi Mode.


I would not care to much about the v1 vs. the v2 hardware. Both run the same firmware image, and carry the same feature. What you get is visible from the SKU RBS50Y-100xxx vs. RBS50Y-200xxx. As of writing, the resellers here in Switzerland are selling the RBS50Y-200EUS, so the v2 version.

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