Satellite refuses to connect to router


Satellite refuses to connect to router

Hello there,


I had a router+satellite system paried and working fine. I had to turn off my satellite as I needed to use that plugpoint. When i started it again, the satellite refuses to connect anymore (shows 0 satellites on the admin page). I have neither changed the placement of the satellite/router nor any setting.

I did a factory re-set also and powered on/off the satellite a couple of times as well as tried the sync button.... but no luck.

Basically when you turn on the satellite - it glows white a few times then the lights go away DOES NOT give a blue ring to confirm a connection. After the white glowing goes away, i log into the admin page to check, but there is no satellite.


What can i do to fix this? Any help will be appreciated.

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Satellite refuses to connect to router

The satellite could be on a different firmware version from the router can you try to connect a ethernet cord directly to the satellite and try to connect to it using and then if you can log in do a manual update of the firmware.



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Re: Satellite refuses to connect to router

Same issue here. Connected satellite through the ethernet cable to PC. I can ping the satellite using command prompt and I do get back a response. But when I try accessing the satellite using, I get connection refused. 


At this point, I am inclined to dump this PoS back at Costco and pick up Velop. Making satellite connect to router -- irrespective of different firmware should not be this complicated and hard.

Model: RBK53| Orbi Router + 2 Satellites Orbi WiFi System
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Re: Satellite refuses to connect to router

is the the Ip you are using to ping that unit?

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