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Should I take a plung in to Orbi mesg wifi or wait

I am following up on mesh wifi for few days and decided to take a plung in to Costco Orbi RK50 3-pk system offer. It is being delivered today but after reading many reviews and discussion on this forum, I am little bit disappointed. It seems like Orbi is a hit and miss. Some users are enjoying and some are really hating it. It is evident that Netgear need to do much better job in customer service and firmware upgrade. If Netgear is charging close to $500 for this system then I don't believe there should be so many hickups for such a pricey system. I am on the fence and will wait few days before all these people who spent a lot and bought a lot of systems during BF and CM sale. At this price point, I am expecting smooth ride and no headaches. Hope users will chime on this.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Should I take a plung in to Orbi mesg wifi or wait

I've had my Orbi since the system was launched last year, and I've been very happy with it overall.


Sure, there have been some occaissional annoyances with some of the firmware releases, but those have never been any show-stopper issues for me.  I don't consider any of that to be any better or worse than my experience with using other routers (Asus, Linksys, etc).


I just have 100/10 internet service (Comcast), but I get my full over-provision speeds (~120/~12) everywhere throughout my house & yard on my ac devices, and all of my various devices consistently connect to the proper "place" (router vs sat, 5Ghz vs 2.4).


This current 76 version of the formware has been the best so far for me - I'm really pleased with it.

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Re: Should I take a plung in to Orbi mesg wifi or wait

Thank you for sharing your experince. I received my set yesterday and able to setup router and satellites (two) with ease using ios app. I am now getting full throttle connection speed in entire house. At present , I kept it as AP because like to see its performance for few days before switching over to full function router.

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