Solved my connectivity issues, back to loving orbi again

Let me give some backgroud.


Bought the orbi for a multi floor dwelling. I was getting 100 MBs throguh 2 floors and was very happy not to run the cabling.


Connectivity issues got progessively worse around the 1.4+ firmware. With 1.8, disconnections occured randomly, 10 min, 20min, max 2 hours of connectivity. Being a VPN user, i know when i get disocnnected instantly.


Siwtched to AP mode, and in the end ran some cable, got orbi closer, 1-2 disconnects a day.


With i've been connected to a VPN for 24 hours straight, MIMO and beamforming ON.


Anyway I truly believe is orbi way more enviroment sensitive that I would have thought, and the move helped. Channel congestion? or the stretched backhaul affecting the system I don't know. is the most solid firmware for me since i bought this thing.


Otherwise, man this thing is fast and the coverage is sick.


Goodluck all.








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Re: Solved my connectivity issues, back to loving orbi again

Hello Stavrosg


Thanks for sharing that the new firmware is working for you.



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