Speed Dropped after adding additional ORBI Satillite.....


Speed Dropped after adding additional ORBI Satillite.....

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So I am was one of the big believers in the orbi system when it was first announced by NetGear. I was really excited to finally resolve all my wifi issues, so I purchased the very pricey system.  So my purchased the router and one additional satellite, and I installed it. So besides your basic issues with firmware and some setting tricking everything was pretty smooth.  I was getting 420 mbps right out the gate which was amazing I had never seen such a speed before.  I am running 1GIG from my Internet provider so with the orbi system they were a perfect match.  My home is about 4,000 Square Ft and so I decided to purchase an additional satillite to expand the coverage to my back yard were I like to project Movies for my kids running wifi.  So then the issues started, the speed went from 420 mbps to 150 mbps to even 50 mbps.????? Which was shocking to me, I have tried everything from firmware, to resetting both my router and the Orbi system, called support they tried changing setting and no luck. The best speed I can get now is 150 to maybe 250 mbps on a good day.  My question is WHY ?  Netgear had me unplug my additional satellite but why would they even sell additional ones if the product will encounter this types of issues. Has anyone ran into this problem if so can you help me.  Thank you

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Speed Dropped after adding additional ORBI Satillite.....

how did you have the orbi router and the two sats located ? and how far apart


the orbi router needs to be in the middle with a sat located ether side to work correctly


i have mine here with orbi router in the center of my house with a sat at ether end some 12 meters away from the router , i have no speed issues

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Re: Speed Dropped after adding additional ORBI Satillite.....

Thank you for your response, so when I purchased the system I had the ORBI Router next to my modem and the satellite in my basement. that was when the system was working fine 420 mbs every test.  Now that I added the extra satellite and put it in the next room is when I started experiencing issues with the speed. 

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Re: Speed Dropped after adding additional ORBI Satillite.....

in the next room to where ?


it needs to e


sat ---- router ----sat


cant be router --- sat -----sat


as the second sat still connects back to the router

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