Still Not Getting It


Still Not Getting It

Hi all,

I have an Orbi with one satellite. My home is 3,000 square feet with a media room upstairs. I'm reaching out because Netgear keeps closing my support ticket. Here is what I gave so far:

The day I brought it home, the system struggled with consistent wifi speeds. My iPhone , using, was 10 mbs all the way to 115 mbs but not in any particular area. I tried moving my satellite closer to the base unit but had no luck. I called support and the had me change a couple of settings regarding beam forming and something else? While on the phone, I noticed my iMac that was hard wired was only getting 25 mbs ( I pay for 100/10). They had me hook a laptop up directly to my modem to check speed from ISP. It was 115 mbs. Once I did that, the iMac miraculously started running by these same speeds. I moved on as that problem seemed to have "fixed" itself. Now I still have very Kabila readings on my iPhones and MacBooks. I just hate to think that I didn't this much on a router that doesn't work as well as advertised. I'd also hate to think that I'm doing something wrong and it could be better. Any suggestions? Setting that I know nothing about as I am technology challenged?

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Re: Still Not Getting It

Hello Drake0508


We have known issues with IOS getting bad connections on Orbi and our engineers are trying to resolve this issue in firmware releases. But you could try to change the wireless channel in the wireless settings on orbit to try and get a better connection.



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