Terrible satellite coverage - AC3000 RBK50


Terrible satellite coverage - AC3000 RBK50

Anyone else have absolutely terrible satellite coverage with this system?  I'm talking about a 1500 sq. ft. home total... router on lower level... satelite directly above on 2nd floor through normal wood flooring and carpet with a solid blue connection between the two and with a low to no wifi signal down a halway into a bedroom on the same floor as satelite.  Have verfied current firmware version.  Most frustrating is that they give you absolutely no way of contacting them... not even to submit a support ticket have I found for this product.  Next move is to the general internet to hammer this product... So dissappointed.  If you know of a fix... please help. Thank you!!

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Re: Terrible satellite coverage - AC3000 RBK50

Hello dlemke1


something could be interfering with the connection where you have it placed have you tried different locations on the second floor?




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