VoIP Voice over IP über Netgear Orbi


VoIP Voice over IP über Netgear Orbi

Hi, I can't find any information on whether Orbi supports VOIP and if so how I set up the router for it. I'm in Australia and my ISP offers VOIP but I need to ensure that Orbi supports it. Can anyone provide me with any information on this?

Thanks for your support.

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Re: VoIP Voice over IP über Netgear Orbi

Supports it how?  Many, many years ago I had a voip system.  It was a box you plugged into the router and a phone plugged into it.  No reason for Orbi to NOT support that type of arrangment.  Others on this forum have VOIP as well.


And Cheers mate!  Spent two months in Alice Springs several years ago.  Never again.  Your coasts are wonderful though.

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Re: VoIP Voice over IP über Netgear Orbi

Thanks for commenting.

All I know is that my ISP offers it but there is no mention of an additional piece of hardware that they will supply or I need to get. I'll touch base with my ISP to confirm whether they just switch the VOIP on from there end or whether they supply.

Great to here you've spent time in our beautiful country.


All the best.

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