WIFI 2.4 AND 5


WIFI 2.4 AND 5

Hi at all ... i have a question ...

is it possible to assign a different name to wifi 2.4ghz and 5ghz?

i want to connect some devices only with 5ghz wifi .. 



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Re: WIFI 2.4 AND 5

Dozens of threads already on this *** subject - unsupported hacks, even worse mods, ... chakges lost on reboot, new firmware updates, ...

A dual band client will connect to the better 5 GHz _if_ the signal is really good enough. What's the fuzz?

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Re: WIFI 2.4 AND 5

No, the whole purpose of orbi is single ssid with band steering. The orbi will steer devices that need more bandwidth to the 5ghz radio. When you first setup the orbi, it does take a bit before it learns the association. 


There's been on/off ways of making this happen but usually firmware updates correct this or the skill to do so is more than the average person has. 



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Re: WIFI 2.4 AND 5

@schumaku wrote:

Dozens of threads already on this .....

For example:


Re: ORBI RBK50/RBS50 Tips, Tricks, Hidden Secrets,... - Page 4 - NETGEAR Communities


Betreff: How to set a separate SSID for the 5 GHz ... - Page 20 - NETGEAR Communities



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