What model of Orbi Mesh is best for me?


What model of Orbi Mesh is best for me?

Looking to find out what the best product for our sitaution.  Internet currently is okay.  Do a lot of video calls, kids play video games and general internet usage throughout the day.  Video calls get spotty internet at best.  Home is two story ranch style of about 3500 sq ft.  Need a product that will cover that range, in addition to outside area on far side of house as I have a tuffshed being used as an office. Ideas on what can cover inside and outside?

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Re: What model of Orbi Mesh is best for me?

There really is no such thing as "the best". And as long as you get the front end right, which depends on your Internet service provider, any router should work.


A good place to start is with the product pages. Fill in your needs and circumstances, and see what comes up.


Orbi: Whole Home WiFi System for Better WiFi Everywhere | NETGEAR


See what takes your fancy, and what fits in with your budget. Then check this place for users views. (But remember this place is where people bring problems, not praise.) And see if you can find a review site that covers what you are thinking of buying.

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