Which firmware version are you running?

I am seeing a lot of threads of some dissatisfied ORBI users and me personally am running the latest v2.1.2.18 on the RBK53 system. I have been fine with all firmware revisions and I am currently running about 40+ devices. These devices consist of MAC’s, PC’s, Printer, PoE Cameras, and WiFi Cameras, Samsung TV’s, a slew of iPad’s, iPhone 7-8, XBOX’s, PlayStations, etc. I have a very healthy list along with older kids doing some heavy gaming and streaming of NetFlix. On average I use about 1TB of bandwidth a month from my ISP. In all, things have been good and I am a geek. I have every Cisco cert there is along with Security and I have been monitoring everything. If someone goes down, I hear it within seconds and I have not heard anything from anyone.....and we are power users.


My question for this thread is, What version of firmware are you running? I am tempted to move to the new current version of v2.0.1.4. Since v2.1.x.x and above has been formally placed in ‘No Forced Upgrade’ mode. (See Here for Post) I assume Netgear's confidence in that later version is limited due to all the bugs. But, I am not having any issues - Just being honest.


I will also state that I am religious on keeping systems drivers up to date and watching the forums for other devices that are prone to not play well with other WiFi systems.



  1. Killer WiFi cards are junk and I had to upgrade to Intel and now no issues. But – I thought it was ORBI
  2. Chromecast EERO devices not playing well, etc. etc. I admit, you have to pay attention and one device on your network could be causing a lot of pain and it may look like it’s the ORBI.
  3. Epson Printers not playing well with certain WiFi frequencies
  4. Carrier Smart Thermostat not playing well with newer frequency bands causing me to have to plug in a legacy 802.11 access point just for that. It wasn’t ORBI, it was the thermostat and nothing I can do about it.
  5. Hikvision WiFi IP Cameras got horrible firmware pushed to them which caused constant drops. I couldn't downgrade so I had to RMA all the cameras for new ones - Again, It wasn't ORBI

I am not here to defend either. I have had ASUS w/ Merlin firmware which now has the AIMesh firmware, I have also had the 1st Gen Eero’s which were SLooooow, and now ORBI. They all have their limitations but I consistently I always found a device on my network as the culprit. Yes, if your ORBI reboots every 5-minutes then you definitely have an issue. RMA that thing. And yes, I am sure that the v2.1.x.x is unstable but to what extend and what are the enviroments causing this. (Buffer overflow, bad coding, devices not playing well, User error, etc. etc)


But, let us know what firmware you are using.


Model: RBK53| Orbi Router + 2 Satellites Orbi WiFi System
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Re: Which firmware version are you running?






RBS40 is daisy chained through RBS50Y, all the rest connect direct to RBR50.  No ethernet backhaul.

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Re: Which firmware version are you running?

RBR50 & RBS50 no issues

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Which firmware version are you running?


Centurylink 1 Gig - VLAN 201 Tag through a TP Link Gig Switch (TL-SG108E). Orbi Router using PPPOE and Wireless Backhaul to my Orbi Satellite.

About 14 devices. Examples - Xbox, Nvidia Shield, Smart TV, Phillips Hue, 3 Nest Cameras, Nest Thermostat, iPhones, Windows and Mac OS, Server. All kept up to date with latest drivers and firmware.
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