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Wi-Fi password

I don’t know what my Wi-Fi password is how do I find it?
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Re: Wi-Fi password

When the Orbi comes from the factory (or is "reset to factory"), the WiFi name (SSID) and password are printed on a label on the bottom of the Orbi.  During the initial "setup", customers are (highly) encouraged to change the password to something complicated, but easy to remember.  They often choose to change the WiFi name as well.


If this Orbi has never been changed, then look at the label.  If it has been changed, but has been forgotten, there is one more possibility.  A computer can be connected to one of the LAN ports (with an ethernet cable) and a web browser can be used to look at the Orbi administrative web site.  Alas, another thing people are encouraged to do during the setup is change the administrative password from "password" to something harder to guess.  If that password is no longer "password" and has been forgotten, there is one last possibility.


If the user carefully selected Password Recover options and remembers the answers that were chosen, failing to log on four times will bring up the Password Recovery questions.  If they do not come up, then Password Recovery was not set up correctly.


At this point, the only choice left is to get out a paperclip and "reset to factory" by inserting the end of the paperclip into the reset hole for 15 seconds.  That resets the Orbi back to the WiFi name and password printed on the label, sets the admin ID to "admin" and the password to "password", and forgets everything that was done to set up the Orbi.

I love my Orbi.
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Re: Wi-Fi password

@cherylbaity wrote:
I don’t know what my Wi-Fi password is how do I find it?

You don't knwo the wifi password, but do you have the management password to login to Orbi? If yes then you can find the password after you login to the web GUI or to the Orbi app.

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