Will Orbi do it for me?


Will Orbi do it for me?

I've got a pretty large house (and it's getting bigger).   It's three floors and the point where the network hub is on the top floor.   It's about 120' in both directions from there to the far extent.    My old system of b/g router and older Netgear extenders didn't really cover it all the way (the little green/yellow/red strength indicator was always on red and on the verge of not working).    I switched to Eeros about six months ago.     The coverage seems better but I can't tell (no diagnostics to speak of) if the far one is communicating with the one in my office or only through the one that's located at my Dish Hopper3 about half way in between.    Of course, Eero sucks badly in other aspects, particularly the whole network bricks whevever the internet goes out.


Orbi looks interesting but I'm concerned over over the hub/spoke aspect.     Will the satellites placed at the remote locations boogie with my central location?   I need the one near one side to pick up some non-wifi ethernet hosts.

Hopefully, the thing boogies fine without the internet.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Will Orbi do it for me?

Hello Flyingron


Each orbi unit can cover 2000 sq ft so in the kit you get a router and satellite that can cover 4000 sg ft.  And orbi should work fine as a network without internet connect as it does not rely on cloud services.



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