XR500 and Orbi

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XR500 and Orbi

i live in a two story home that was built in the 1900's.  The modem [supplied by Spectrum- 400 speed; only one LAN port ] is on the 2nd floor with the Orbi router and the satellite is on the first floor.  I purchased the Orbi because of several Wi-Fi devices in the house.  We also like to play Call of Duty on two Xbox Ones together; which are wired to the Orbi router on the second floor.  The connections are great, Open NAT on both; however, one person seems to lag more in the games.  Most of the time it's the same person.

i have been researching several options, but would like to keep the Orbi for the WiFi devices and get a gaming router for the two wired Xbox ones.  I'm not savvy with modems/routers set-up.  Is it possible to integrate the XR500 with the Orbi?  Turn off the WiFi on the XR500 and use the WiFi on the Orbi?


Thank you.

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Re: XR500 and Orbi

Yes, you can do this.  Plug the XR500 into the modem.  The XR500 becomes your router.  Disable the XR500 WiFi.  Connect the WAN (yellow) port on the Orbi base unit (router) to the XR500.  Change the Orbi to Access Point (AP) mode.  Connect the XBoxes to the XR500 rather than the Orbi.


BUT.  I know zero about Call of Duty and whether an XR500 will result in less lag for the "slow" XBox than the Orbi.  MY CHOICE would be to give HIM the slow XBox and keep the fast XBox for myself.  The point is to win, isn't it?

I love my Orbi.
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