iPhone cannot print

New install. Had an ancient Linksys, slow as Christmas but reliable.  This new unit installed easily and has no issues except...


Have an Epsom 4740 wireless printer.  Connected to the new system, and can easily print from all PCs in the house.  3 different iPhones at 3 different hardware levels, all at the latest firmware/software.  None of the phones can see the printer, when they all printed regularly on the old Linksys. Rebooted the printer and confirmed that it is at the latest firmware level. Even made sure that at least one of the iPhones was running 2.4g like the printer, just in case.


Don't see any issues in the network setup, but obviously the Orbi has something to do with the issue.


Model: RBK30| Orbi AC2200 WiFi System
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Re: iPhone cannot print

Hello Orbiweks


Have you checked for any updated drivers with the epson printer or check there community to see if they have tips to get it to work with a mesh network?



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