point to point distance


point to point distance

I am considering buying this for my father.  He has a garage that is about 120 feet away from his house.  I can put both Orbi's in a window and they will have line of sight.  Do you have any guidance on this type of distance and going through standard single pane glass? 



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Re: point to point distance

Glass is not your friend, (deflector) in wireless environments.  And, the distance may also be an issue. If you decide to try, make sure you that you can get a full refund, if it does not work out.. If at all possible, consider an outdoor Access Point, with a proper outdoor Ethernet cable buried..

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Re: point to point distance

as long as the glass windows are not tinted there shopuld be little issue ( tinting contains metal film ) the distance shouldnt be an issue here 


a simple test with your current wireless router located at one window and a laptop at the other window 


if you get pretty good connectivity with the test above than the orbi should work fine 



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