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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

2 vlan networks in a wifi network


2 vlan networks in a wifi network

I have two vlan networks that I am using for my wifi network. I would like vLan 1 192.168.0.x on port 1 and vLan 10 and I am connecting the rest of the PoE ports to wifi AP's. but seem to have issues with Routing. 

My question is can the GS316EPP Managed switch route these two vlans, Each vLan connects to a router and if so what is the best configuration since I have tried everything and can not get this to work



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Re: 2 vlan networks in a wifi network

Does not look like a routing issue to me. The switch does only serve two VLAN, and does not have to do any routing. Each of the two VLANs are feed from the two routers, once for the plain NATed Internet, one for the VPN access.


On the Cisco Wireless controller I would suggest just one physical Ethernet link only, carrying both VLANs e.g. as a tagged trunk - instead of using two ports (unless you know these are configured exactly for the individual VLAN only). 

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