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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Access Profile Configuration


Access Profile Configuration

on switch GS724Tv4, version FW:

Model Name Boot Version Software Version
GS724Tv4 B1.0.0.4

I have set:

Access Profile Configuration: Activate Profile

this works well, but when turned off from the power supply of the switch, the Access Profile Configuration setting switches to Deactivate Profile. This is normal behavior or may be turned off somewhere. The solution is to use a UPS backup power supply, but I don't want to because I plan to buy a photovoltaic power plant for a family house and turn it into a backup power supply.


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Re: Access Profile Configuration



There is no way that we can turn off this feature of the switch to have it enabled even though we power cycle it. I suggest you share this idea on our Ideas Exchange for Business board in order for our engineering team to consider it on the future firmware release.





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