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Cannot get MAC ACL to work


Cannot get MAC ACL to work

Have a stack of 5, and trying to lock down 1 port to 1 MAC address.  Followed the documentation and all that stuff.  I can get it to block all traffic, but that's about it.  The ACL rules seem weird to me.  Even though I have tried pretty much every combination, this makes the most sense to me:


ACL based on source MAC

Action - permit - match every (false) - destination MAC (MAC of the allowed device) - MAC Mask (FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF)

Direction - Inbound

Bind to the appropriate port


I have also tried adding a deny - match every (true) rule after the permit rule.  Tried changing source/destination, etc.  I spent about 3 hours banging on it and could never get it to work properly. 

Model: GS752TPSB|ProSafe 52 ports gigabit stackable smart switch with PoE
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Re: Cannot get MAC ACL to work



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


Kindly check the KB article below and use it as your guide: 


How do I set up a MAC Access Control List (ACL) with two rules using the web interface on my managed...


For further technical assistance, kindly open a chat or online a support ticket with NETGEAR Support here at anytime. 






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