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Error accessing registration server?


Error accessing registration server?

After configuring a couple GS105PE switches, I'm receiving an error stating "An error occurred while accessing the NETGEAR registration server. Check your Internet connection, and then try again." about 20 seconds after I login, every time I login. Both have just been updated to the latest available firmware ( and reset to defaults, and the only configuration I've done is to login and change the password.


This seems to be the same error mentioned here, and the explanation offered doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. It's fine if Netgear recommends I register my switch, but I don't see how the switch going out on its own and contacting Netgear does much other than open up a potential avenue for exploitation. I don't mind having the option to monitor my switches via Netgear, if that's the intent, but that functionality needs to be optional. In my installation, I do not need Netgear's help monitoring my switches.


If I complete registration, Netgear indeed can and should notify me about incidents and/or patches, but that hardly requires the switch to contact a registration server. And if I haven't registered my switch, Netgear isn't going to be able to notify me of a thing, regardless of my switche's ability to contact a registration server.


That thread also claims both that Smart Managed Plus switches don't require registration and that an alternate form of registration is available for installations where a switch cannot contact Netgear. It's not clear that the first is true, since my switch is indeed bugging me about registration (though the error doesn't make sense, since at least one of the switches should have no problem contacting an outside server). I'm guessing the alternate form of registration is only available for Smart Managed Pro switches, which this is not.


Also, related to the last post on the linked thread, Help > Registration claims one of the benefits as "Join the NETGEAR family and get exclusive offers tailored to you". That sure sounds like promotional messaging. (Though, FWIW, I don't think I've actually received any promotional messagine related to Netgear products I have registered.)


I would like to understand how to clear this error, why these switches are contacting a registration server, and how I can control that behavior. Thanks for your help.

Model: GS105PE|ProSafe Plus 5 ports switch with PoE pass through
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Re: Error accessing registration server?

Same issue as OP and have the same feelings on the situation. My cheap little GS105Ev2 is a nice switch and all but why is it trying to call home? For a switch like this I see no benefit.

Model: GS105Ev2|ProSafe Plus 5 ports switch
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Re: Error accessing registration server?

The Smart Managed Plus switches don't require or enforce a registration, indeed. Out of the box, or following a factory reset, there is a pop-up suggesting the product registration - and this comes with an option for a [x] tick to never show up again.


The switch on it's own does not call home. It's the Web UI checking the registration server for the registration status in the background however regardless of the above. Appears there was a problem with the registration server few days ago, so this "Error accessing registration server" showed up.

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Re: Error accessing registration server?

Same issue


An error occurred while accessing the NETGEAR registration server. Check your Internet connection, and then try again.
And the "Plus" they are selling no longer works with windows 10 because adobe air and PKAp  or some such install doesn't work.
What the hell netgear?
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