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GS108Tv2 management interface exposed on what VLAN?


GS108Tv2 management interface exposed on what VLAN?

On my GS108Tv2 I have changed the PVID of all ports to VLAN ID 101. However, in the VLAN Membership configuration I have all ports as untagged, except for Port 2, which is tagged. This is because the GS108Tv2 is downstream from a switch that uses VLAN ID 101. Untagged frames on Port 1 and 3–8 connect to the router’s LAN interface


The LAN interface has the address and a DHCP server running that serves addresses in the subnet. I assigned the IP address to the GS108Tv2 before I made the PVID change described above. Before the PVID switch it was reachable.


Now I can no longer reach the management interface of the switch. How can I force that interface to be exposed to the untagged subnet?

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Re: GS108Tv2 management interface exposed on what VLAN?

The management VLAN must be assigned to the same VLAN where you bring these VLAN in, being on a tagged trunk port, being on an access port assigned to a certain VLAN, like the VLAN ID 101 in your example.

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