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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

GS108ev3 Bootloader version displayed


GS108ev3 Bootloader version displayed

Just a question. I have 2 GS108ev3 switches. The second one I just purchased and installed today. I installed the latest firmware (2.06.24) which went fine. However I noticed something odd when comparing both (identical) switches. The newer one is showing the bootloader version on the main screen, switch information while the other switch isn’t? Is there a particular reason for this? I’ve included a screenshot of the switch showing the bootloader version. The second switch has this info simply omitted. Both are v3 switches.
Thank you

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Re: GS108ev3 Bootloader version displayed

Several similar posts exist related to these and other Plus switches, lie the GS105PE. Looks like the boot loader version string is not reliable made available to where the Web UI does take the information from. Afraid, have no idea on how to force the risky boot loader and flash firmware update....

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