GS110EMX LAG 4x 1GB to 1 x 10G


GS110EMX LAG 4x 1GB to 1 x 10G

Actually I am searching for a switch to handle the following requirement:

Maximize throughput between Nas (4x1G Link) and Server (1x10G Link)

NVME Nas with 4x 1 G links that can be bundeled by Link Aggregation

Server with 1x 10 G link and SSD drives


Does such a setup increase throughput between the two systems or is the internal connection between 10G links and 1G links limited somehow for the GS110EMX and the throughput is limited to 1G?


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Re: GS110EMX LAG 4x 1GB to 1 x 10G

Typically not a switch limitation as you suspect. Much more, LAGs are doing the load balancing/link selection based on the MAC address in the most simple config, higher levels do it eg. also on L3 like IP address. In the use case with one Server adapter and one storage device, most likely the config can't exceed the 1 Gb single link speed.


The storage device LAGs are always intended to serve multiple/many peers/computers - there a LAG can perform, with max throughput of a single LAG link member.


With the intended set-up, you won't get a 4Gb <-> 10Gb performance - an n * 1 Gb LAG does not make an n Gb link.


Looks for a NVMe-NAS with some more decent MultiGig or 10G adapter instead.


Under some conditions, you could reach higher speed when having the server and the NAS connected direct by multiple links and a static LAG.



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