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GS110TPv3 VLAN Isolation


GS110TPv3 VLAN Isolation

I have limited networking knowledge but I am looking to purchase a switch that has the capability to isolate traffic on different ports. This is an outline of my requirement:


Ports 1 - 6 on one VLAN have full access to the rest of the network and internet provided by the uplink port

Ports 7 - 8 on a separate VLAN for a communications system which does not and should not have access to the rest of the network and internet.


Can I achieve this with a switch such as the Smart w/ optional Cloud (GS110TPv3) ?


Thank you

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Re: GS110TPv3 VLAN Isolation

If "separate" does not imply a two physically independent network, and it does mean just two (or more) individual VLANs, yes. Welcome to the Netgear Community!


Either way, I will have to request a moderator moving your thread, as this isn't a Managed Switch. A GS110TPv3 is formally a Smart Switch with optional Cloud, so it belongs to the Plus And Smart Switches Forum section to discuss Smart Switches (T) and Plus Switches (E), including Local and Remote Management.

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Re: GS110TPv3 VLAN Isolation

As long as the communications VLAN can be isolated from the other network as well as all external/internet traffic, that's what I am looking to achieve.

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