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Re: GS110Tp V3 shuts down for no reason


GS110Tp V3 shuts down for no reason

Firmware Version  V7.0.6.3. Having problems with the switch freezing up.

I have a Fibre ring with 11X GS110TP v3,  2X Gs728Tp V2 and 1X Sx3300. All the GS110 tp v3 have had similar problems. I have to manually reboot at least twice a week. I did remove the ring but this did not fix the issue, the fibre with the most traffic keeps on freezing up. i did not have any issues with bigger switches. On the site we have multiple switches linking via Wi-fi and then transfered to these switches.using RSTP configured only on the netgears.Capture1.PNGCapture2.PNGCapture3.PNGCapture4.PNGCapture5.PNGCapture6.PNG

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Re: GS110Tp V3 shuts down for no reason



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It seems that you are having issues with multiple switches on your network. May I know what are the devices connected to the switch? You also mentioned that it is happening on most of the GS110TPv3 switches. Is it running on the latest firmware? It would be best if you can share the logs when this issue happened so that we can review it.





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Re: GS110Tp V3 shuts down for no reason

Yes there is other network switches running on the network. I have 59 other devices, Ubiquity Edge switches and Ubiquity Wi-fi AP and stations. in total there are 254 devices on the network. We are running a V-lan for 15 devices.Capture1.PNGCapture2.PNGCapture3.PNGCapture4.PNGCapture5.PNGCapture6.PNG

Model: GS110T|ProSafe 8 ports smart switch with fiber uplink
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Re: GS110Tp V3 shuts down for no reason

Are you using SFP fiber transceivers in the switches for the fiber connections or external transceivers?  Any chance of exchanging transceivers?  (if using externals buy some SFP transceivers or if using internals try a pair of external transceivers on the problem child fiber link)  If using SFPs are they Netgear brand?

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